Paseos Amazónicos



Paseos Amazónicos Jungle Lodges has qualified personnel both in its administrative offices in Lima City and in jungle operations in Iquitos area, many with years of wise experience that go back to the company's beginnings, others a bit younger with innovative ideas and eagerness to reach the goals set by the company aimed to our clients satisfaction without leaving aside the preservation of the resources found in the rainforest. Paseos Amazónicos Jungle Lodges permanent training program keeps personnel updated on the techniques and knowledge to respond according to today's high-standard tourist market demands.


Paseos Amazónicos Jungle Lodges has a select group of guides with work experience in the jungle and the city; most of them are native to this region, knowledge on the flora, fauna, the people of the Amazon and their traditions, customs and rich mythology. They speak more than one language besides Spanish, ecology defenders and oriented to use interpretation as the best mean to enrich visitors experience. 

Paseos Amazónicos Jungle Lodges' guides have training and workshop sessions that help them refresh or gain knowledge, learn new techniques that will be useful to achieve valuable experiences with the visitors they will work with.