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About Us


PASEOS AMAZONICOS JUNGLE LODGES started its services as jungle tour operator in the beginning of 1975, having the city of Iquitos in the northeastern Peruvian Amazon Department of Loreto as its operation base.

Manuel (Caruso) and Luz Peña began what would be a life long passion of Amazon adventure. Both Manuel and Luz, a retired Faucett Airlines pilot and flight attendant, decided to leave Lima taking their three young children and establish in Iquitos, where Manuel was born and spent his childhood. First they began the construction of a hotel in the city, namely Hostal Ambassador and soon they created a new company "Transportes Turisticos Ambassador" that later transformed into "Paseos Amazonicos Ambassador".

The service offered to tourists in the beginning was a full-day boat excursion on the Amazon River. Nevertheless the visitor's interest to enlarge their jungle experience made it indispensable for the Peña's to broaden the service in order to make known the natural, social, cultural and ecological values of this marvelous region.

In 1976 the company had its first Amazon jungle lodge, the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge, during a time when this kind of facilities were scarce in the Amazon rainforest due to the challenge implied in the construction of a building both comfortable and environment friendly. Recruiting workforce proved to be another challenge; the lodge staff was selected from neighbor river communities and trained to perform efficiently. The hospitality establishment experience gained with Hostal Ambassador in Iquitos was important to accomplish the best results in the Amazonas Sinchicuy and later in the Tambo Amazonico Lodge and the Tambo Yanayacu Lodge.

Paseos Amazónicos Jungle Lodges determined to carry out "responsible tour operations" as one of its first policies to reduce negative environment impacts. Paseos Amazónicos Jungle Lodges believes that one of the keys to accomplish preservation projects is to teach ecology related subjects to its personnel and to the people of the communities within its operation areas. In recent years, the company has focused its attention to promote sustained development through eco-tourism in these communities. Currently there are several projects oriented to improve well-being of these populations and the natural environment with which they interact.


To offer eco-tour and adventure programs for traveler seeking a harmony-with-nature experience; sense-awakening him or her through correct interpretation about environment preservation and conservation as well as sustained development of the native Amazon people.


To be leaders as eco-tourism service providers committed with environmental education, green culture and sustained development of native communities in Peru's Amazon Rainforest.



Paseos Amazónicos Jungle Lodges is committed to achieve the following objectives:


  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Compromise
  • Cooperation
  • Perseverance
  • Service
  • Self-improvement