Paseos Amazónicos

Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge

The first and the largest of Paseos Amazonicos Jungle Lodges facilities, is located on the Sinchicuy Creek, a tributary of the Amazon River (45 minutes downriver, NE of Iquitos) near the river community of Santa Maria de Ojeal.

This lodge has been built on high terrain (it never flows). After walking up the stairs that connects the wharf with the lodge, visitors find themselves in what it seems a beautiful tropical garden where a great diversity of flowers, birds and butterflies abound. Found within the spacious "main house", the lobby, the front desk and the dining-room and bar areas; right next and connected to this building by an elevated walkway, stands the panoramic "round house" used as reading-room, gallery, auditorium and also as second dining facility whenever necessary to serve large groups.

Rooms are located on the opposite side of the "round house" and like-wise connected to the "main house" by an elevated walkway. Most of the 32 rooms are doubles but there are also triple and even quad rooms. All of them have private bathrooms with shower. Rooms and public areas are screen-protected against insect and intruding wildlife. Additional to the previously mentioned buildings and rooms, this lodge has a hammock room, an observation deck to the creek, kitchen, storage rooms, laundry, public bathrooms and service support facilities.

The Amazonas Sinchicuy employs sustained water supply and water treatment systems; environment friendly solid and liquid waste disposal and biodegradables treatment; approved fire safety devices and procedures; food conservation equipment and SFHP (Safe Food Handling Practices) in the food and beverage service; emergency telephone connection 24 hours a day.

Also, the Amazonas Sinchicuy has rooms and specially designed facilities for people with disabilities.