Paseos Amazónicos



Paseos Amazonicos Jungle Lodges has paid much attention to the rustic design of its three jungle lodges, not only to comply with ecological principle of keeping-in-harmony with the natural environment that surrounds each one of them, but also to provide visitors with infrastructures that allow a closer approach with Nature and the Amazon culture. Architects and native laborers worked in the design and construction of each one of the facilities' buildings and its furniture with the purpose of offering the visitors a beautiful sight, natural light and ventilation, space, comfort and safety to enjoy their stay in the jungle. Wood for the constructions was supplied by lumberyards that comply with responsible timber harvest and reforestation regulations.

Paseos Amazonicos Jungle Lodges considers that the use of energy sources in their lodges not only should cause the least negative impact on the surroundings but also in the national and international context, when it becomes part of the increasing demand of fuel and other derived products which cause environment pollution. The company has determined that the demanded electric energy need for food conservation, cam battery charging, kitchen equipments and lighting of certain lodge areas should be restrain to specific schedules. Communication equipments, alarm and emergency light systems use rechargeable batteries and solar panels. During the night most lighting is provided by kerosene lamps.

(30 km from Iquitos) Each of the 32 rooms has a private shower and bathroom, and can accommodate 1 to 4 guests. Kerosene lanterns light your room and are scattered along the wooden walkways providing a romantic glow, illuminating the night. Activities include leisurely natural history walks, visits to native communities, fishing, early morning birdwatching, canoeing, night hikes, and excursions in search of the mysterious pink river dolphin.

(60 km from Iquitos) The lodge, with its palm-thatched walkways has 10 spacious rooms and can accommodate up to 30 people. Each cottage has a private shower and bathroom. Our guests often combine their stay here with a night or two at Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge. Hike into the pristine jungle to see the awesome and gigantic Lupuna Trees, or try early morning birdwatching, canoeing, night excursions in search of alligators, and many other amazing nocturnal creatures.