Paseos Amazónicos

Tambo Yanayacu Lodge

The Tambo Yanayacu Lodge was built thinking on those visitors that wanted a closer encounter with the Amazon rainforest and yet do not have the time to spend in a long trip or do not wish to leave aside comfort. Paseos Amazonicos Jungle Lodges chose the area known as "The Kingdom of the Giant Trees" where the black water Yanayacu Creek flows through on his way to the Amazon River, to build this 10-double room comfortable lodge....

Exactly located front of the Falcon Creek, 38 miles NE of Iquitos (2-hour trip) in low terrain surrounded by tropical forest, the Tambo Yanayacu Lodge is an extraordinary starting point for adventure and exploring. Several oxbow lakes around the lodge, as Yagua Cocha, offer the visitors the opportunity to observe wildlife and Amazon birds, as the specimens approach in search of food on their shores.

All 10 rooms in Tambo Yanayacu Lodge are connected to the dining room by elevated corridors; all of them have private bathrooms and a small terrace with ample view of the forest. All rooms and public areas are insect-screened protected.

Visitors also have relaxing hammocks at their disposal to rest or sleep accompanied by a refreshing breeze and captivating jungle sounds. The lodge also has a kitchen, storage room and public baths.

Tambo Yanayacu Lodge has sustained water supply and water treatment systems; environment friendly solid and liquid waste disposal and biodegradables treatment; approved fire safety devices and procedures; food conservation equipment and BFHP (Best Food Handling Practices) for food and beverage service.