Paseos Amazónicos

Quistococha Lagoon


Guided tour to the Quistococha National Tourist Park. Among its attractions you will find a zoo housing animal species exclusively indigenous to northern Peru rainforest and the beautiful spring fed natural lake which gives its name to the park.

  • K2_PRECIOK2_CODIGO2 1/2 Hours
  • K2_PRECIOK2_CODIGOFrom USD 21.00


Tour description:

You will be transferred from your hotel to the Quistococha National Tourist Park by our personnel.

This beautiful natural environment is located 3 miles SW of Iquitos, driving on the new road that connects this city with Nauta.

Here you will be able to see many specimens of the vast Amazon rainforest fauna kept in captivity or semi-captivity, including tapirs, giant river otters, caimans, anacondas, ocelots, jaguars as well as different kinds of primates. There are also fresh water fish exhibits including the “paiche” (Arapaima gigas), world’s largest fresh water specie.

A visit to Quistococha would not be complete without visiting or best yet swimming in its beautiful lake. The lake offers a charming setting with the surrounding forest and blue sky reflecting upon its mirrored waters. Visitors will also find a white sand beach, a restaurant and other safe facilities nearby.

At the end of the tour, our personnel will return you to your hotel or transfer you to the airport if you need to board a flight to Lima.


Duration of the tour: 2 ½ hours.

Departures from Iquitos: 10 a.m. or 02.00 p.m.